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Everyone's pregnancy, birth and mother hood journey is different.  From my own experience of 9 pregnancies and births, I've learned just how unique and important each little thing can be to a mother.  I started my own journey with a hospital birth and ended it with many home births.  That all helped to shape my birth philosophy and it fed my love of educating and guiding women along their own journey.  Everyone deserves a trauma free pregnancy and birth where they feel heard, in charge, and honored as the mother to their child. 

Besides from birth work and together with my husband, we homeschool our children, grow a fierce veggie garden year round, and tend to a variety of chickens. I enjoy sewing, baking, and cleaning like a maniac! 

My own stories of life and loss can be  found here.

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Resources for Natural Birth

Second best to reaching out to a Doula or Midwife is researching on your own!

Here are a few wonderful resources where you will learn the beauty of natural pregnancy and birth.


Recommended Reading List

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding

Active Birth

Birthing from Within

Emergency Childbirth- a Manual

Made For This

The Birth Partner

Health & Wellness Resources  Pelvic Floor therapist  Postpartum help  Massage, holistic health services  Family Chiropractor, nutrition, functional medicine  Virtual health and nutritional counseling  Jade Garcia IBCLB  Brittney Groff IBCLC  Craniosacral Therapist and Maryland Midwife

"God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

homebirth midwife

Educational and Professional History

Childbirth Education and
Doula Work 

2006- present

Certified 2022

In 2006 I witnessed birth for the first time and I was sparked with a desire and passion to study birth fetal development and basic hospital birth practices. Through time and experience my studies became homebirth midwifery! With my love for women, babies, and birth, I attended births as an unofficial Doula for over a decade and certified in 2020 to be able to attend hospital births during covid.

Student Midwife

August 2020- May 2023


Be Fruitful Midwifery

February 2022

I apprenticed with Certified Professional Midwives and Direct Entry Midwives as a birth assistant learning the skills of the trade, completing online and in-person midwifery training with The Virtual Preceptor; featuring IVs, blood draws, well woman care, suturing, hemorrhage control and other birth emergencies. I also worked at a local birth center as the office administrator managing paperwork, inventory, medical supplies, filing birth certificates and social security cards, scheduling, client collaboration and relationships. Throughout my years, I completed the NARM PEP process earning the CPM title. 

Be Fruitful Midwifery was born and I started work as a Midwife.

Breech Without Borders

September 2021


Birth course with Dr. Hayes and Dr. Rixa Freeze on the mechanics of natural vaginal physiological breech  birth. Learn more at

helping babies breathe
Helping Babies Breathe,


Helping babies breathe is a full course by the American Academy of Pediatrics. HBB teaches essential neonatal resuscitation and newborn care skills to support babies that do not breathe on their own after birth. HBB neonatal resuscitation techniques have been shown to reduce early neonatal mortality by up to 47% and stillbirths by up to 24%.

Neonatal resuscitation and CPR are requirements for all Midwives and most birth workers. Recertification takes place as per guidelines, for instance NPR must be renewed every 2 years.    

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