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Hillary Raver

Be Fruitful Midwifery


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What Clients have to say

Hillary was vital in my pregnancy and birth journey. She is so knowledgeable and charitable. I always felt prioritized when doing my prenatal check ups with her. I could bring up any concern without feeling embarrassed or stupid. This was my first baby and I couldn’t have imagined it going better than it did. She was so kind, gentle, and thorough through everything - Shannon

"Hillary, I wanted to say thank you again for helping make our home birth such a positive and beautiful experience!!! You were so sweet and supportive and such a tremendous help! You're a true blessing, thank you. Thank you for getting there so quickly and helping make it one of the best days of our lives!" - Lauryn

I decided to contact Hillary to see what she would have to offer. It was the best decision I could have made. Hillary was a breath of fresh air. I looked forward to every appointment I had with her. She would sit and talk with me, not only about my pregnancy but about life.  She helped me feel confident in my body and in the journey I was going to go through. Every worry and fear I had disappeared after addressing them with her.   When I went into labor Hillary knew exactly what I needed when I needed it. She was so calming and comforting. She let my body do what it was made to do with very little interventions.  This birth was completely different from my first one and it was an incredible experience that I would never change.  Oh I can’t forget the best part- after the baby was born we got breakfast in bed! Hillary continued to see me after the baby was born. She was a wealth of information!  You can tell she loves what she does and is truly passionate about caring for mommas and their babies! I would 100% recommend having a home birth with Hillary as your midwife. - Rachael 

Hillary.. We are so very thankful for her. She was alongside our midwife, Julie, and I must say.. they were the dream team! Hillary has such a caring and peaceful way about her- from the first time we met her to our last postnatal appointment we knew she was a perfect match for us. Her presence is light and her voice is kind. She gave me an awesome birthing experience being my doula with baby number 2. Her words and affirmations made me feel strong. She was tender with both my baby and I during baby’s appearance into this world. I would highly recommend having her by your side!! - Lacey

"Thank you so much for everything you did for me and for staying with us in the hospital, it felt so good knowing you were there!" - Sara
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